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Sheaffer Spray Foam offers both open cell foam and closed cell foam to meet your insulation needs. Use our foam selection page to pick the correct foam for your job. 

Still have questions about which foam is correct for you? Please call us at 717-687-8018 or send us a message so we can help you determine the best foam for your application. 

Open Cell Foam - Gaco Western WallFoam

052 Formulation

Closed Cell Foam - Gaco Western WallFoam

183M Formulation

Think spray foam insulation might be a good fit for your project? Still have questions about spray foam insulation? Give Sheaffer Spray Foam a call at 717-687-8018, email us at [email protected] or contact us.

Sheaffer Spray Foam offers open cell foam and closed cell foam insulation services in Strasburg PA and surrounding areas.

Sheaffer Spray Foam proudly sprays GACO WESTERN open cell foam and closed cell spray foam insulation.